IM 202 & Being in the Action

For a long time I have, dreamt feels a little strong for how I felt, maybe... considered having a studio that wasn’t just the spare room. Islington Mill was always high on the list of ideals and it wasn’t till about a month ago that I even thought that this would be a possibility. But when friends of mine mentioned that they were moving into a shared space in the 'Mill' and that there might be a bit of space going for a desk, I jumped at the chance.

Here I am the aforementioned month later and I have just set up my things on my desk and I am typing this as other creatives work around me. This is a happy day, this is a big day. 

The dream of separating home life and work life has followed me for a while, I am prone to procrastination and I can develop a deep focus when I procrastinate, unfortunately it is a misplaced focus.

So far it is everything that I imagined that it might be. Having said that I am only an hour in.

Sean McCrossanComment