Portraits - Winter & Kurth

Today I was shooting portraits for Winter & Kurth. There are part of the new designers 1 year on exhibition and they needed some publicity shots. Having the mill as a backdrop was a huge help, it is such a beautiful and diverse setting. We started in the studio [that we share].

The studio has fantastic light and it was a beautiful bright day outside [for once] but it wasn't right straight out of the box. The wall behind is the back wall and so wasn't getting much day light and the light was only coming in directly from behind me so it was flattening the whole image. So I have a soft box set off to stage right and to aid separation I have another bare speed light bouncing off the [stage] left wall onto the back wall for the separation. 

Winter & Kurth_17.jpg

The rest of the shots were done just using natural light. The courtyard at Islington Mill has a small vista of Beetham Tower, one of the most prominent things in Manchesters skyline so we wanted to include that to tie them to the city. 

I love the signage for the mill, this is how we know we're home. The post industrial decay of an industrial building makes for an interesting back drop. 

The final image here is to show off one of their pieces, we have done a few studio sessions with their products. So this was just about getting their hands into the mix, showing both of them handling it.

Winter & Kurth makes beautiful homewares, have a look at their work over on their website.

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