Fat Out Fest 2017

So I responded to the call for people to document this years Fat Out Fest at The Burrow and other venues linked to the mill (Islington Mill). To be entirely honest I had, and at time of writing have, no clue what goes into this kind of photography. This is a risk that I am only willing to take because I know that there are a few other photographers covering the event and it isn't something that I am getting paid for other than access. 

The first thing I have to say about it is that it isn't what I expected. The second and more important thing to say is that what I am doing seems very different to the other photographers that are shooting this event. Tomorrow/later today I intend to have a bit of a go at shooting some of the other ancillary stuff around the venues like the connecting areas where people tend to mill around and the shop and maybe the food venders, so as to get a good rounded 'feel' for the whole event. 

Along side the photographs I have been trying to get some video. Because video is king now. youtube has no space for photographs. Tomorrow I really want to get some comments from people who are at the event and better still the ones who have organised it. I plan to ask them what the event means to them and what they enjoy most about it, hopefully some more questions will come to mind before the morning.

I just had the sudden urge to watch shut up and play the hits. 

I am working on two videos to go along with this event. One is a look at how I've been shooting the event and the other is the actual event video. There might be a little Mavic spice involved too. 

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