Fake it to Make it

I am not an activist, I have no agenda to speak of when it comes to the use of animals for our food and enjoyment. I have theories on how we should cope before we get to crisis point but I am not going to share them because they are unpopular with both sides. 

That being said I love to make things that are meat free just to see if they can be done and how well. I am a trained chef and I worked in the industry for several years before leaving to pursue photography. I love food, but even more than that I love to experiment with it one of my favourite things used to be hot wings. For this series which will feature as a recipe on Definitely Vegan, my friends blog. I wanted to make a recipe that I have been working on for hot wings that use cauliflower as the base. 

I have given these to meat eaters who don't really like wings because they don't like the bone in there. Everyone has loved them.

This is a series that I shot for the blog.

Sean McCrossanComment