Egg Free Stories

So I have never really liked eggs, I was allergic as a child and I never developed a liking for them. Cut to 2017 and vegan is IN. I don't identify as vegan but I don't really eat meat, I use a lot of milk alternatives and I never really buy cheese anymore. It just makes me feel better.

When it comes to pancakes, which I love to make, replacing the milk was easy the eggs are another thing.

But here is the recipe that Ive come up with. I might actually try these again and replace the flour with Huel see what thats like. But here we go:

Step 1 Dry ingredients

So you are going to want to mix up the dry stuff in a larger quantity so you can keep it in the cupboard and just grab some out when you feel the need.

600g flour

  1. 40g Baking Powder
  2. 10g Bicarb of soda
  3. 10g salt
  4. 40g Caster sugar
  5. Mix these together and store them in a jar it last forever... until you eat it. OC

Step 2 The day of...

When you want to make some pancakes (this will do one to two portions:

  1. 2 tablespoons of chia seeds ( ground, either pre ground or done at home in a spice grinder or pestle and mortar)
  2. 150g pancake mix
  3. 250g of your favourite 'milk'

Add about 4 table spoons of water to the chia seed and let soak for a few mins, they will go gloopy almost like actual egg white.

Mix the 'milk' and the flour and then add in the chia mix. I like to do this in a jug with an immersion ( stick) blender to make sure it is all properly incorporated and I do it in a jug so that I can pour it straight into the pan.

This is where you need a good non stick pan. Get it heating up on a medium high heat for example I would use four on a dial that goes up to six, recipe books never tell you that shit properly...

Have the oven on about 60ºC as well and throw a few plates in there to warm up.

Pour enough mix into the pan to make a circle the size of a DVD, you can do any size but I like this the best for stack size to cooking time ratio. Once you see the little bubbles forming on the raw side flip it over, these aren't pancakes for tossing they are to be gently flipped with a gozunda or burger flipper or spatula or whatever suits.

Give it the same amount of time on the second side then stick it on the plate in the oven and repeat till there is no batter left.

I love to serve these with some sort of butter substitute and shit loads of maple syrup. 


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