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So one of the things that I offer to clients is motion graphics for their videos. The most common incarnation of this is to animate their current logo. Im not sure how this stands from a copyright standpoint, but I imagine that they have the rights to the logo and therefore can have it changed. In this case the design remains essentially the same but it has to move and the movements are original from the intentions of the person who created the artwork in the first place.

Original Artwork as jpeg

Original Artwork as jpeg

This video is an example of making a simple line drawing move. It looks like an easy and simple process but it is actually quite complex. To start with you have someone else art work which is usually given as a jpg and so you have to redraw it. The other thing you have to do once you get the art work is to design an animation for it that is believable and aesthetically pleasing. 

So as always when I am designing I start on paper, as simple as this logo is I had a few days of mulling it over to come up with a final, simple and visually concise idea. 

My first attempt involved SketchUp, because I thought it would be simpler to model the pieces in a 3D program and animate them using a plugin. This first attempt failed because I couldn't get the lines to look right so I left it and then went back to Illustrator.

I had to draw out each item that I wanted to animate as a separate entity and make sure that they both looked like the original logo still and they were free form any extraneous objects in the drawing which could later mess things up.

Once I had these drawn out I could take them over to After Effects and actually make them move. This is the easy bit if you have done the Illustrator part well. You just time map the movements of each piece and you end up with something like this.

The next part is a little more difficult. I know that this logo will be used over the top of b-roll for videos so I had to make the white transparent. This would have been really simple if I had animated the logo differently but I had made a rod for my own back and I had to use multiple effects to remove the white from the image, leaving the final a little washed out but acceptable for now. 

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