When Will I learn Landscape Photography

So I'm going to lead here by telling you to watch the video if you haven't yet.

Watched it now... Good

The reason that I wanted to combine this video with a written component is firstly I feel like I need to apologise for my use of language, I hope no one was offended. I am usually pretty good at keeping it under wraps for these videos but I guess lack of sleep makes me really sweary.

Secondly I thought It might be useful to go into the gear that I used. Even though a lot of the gear didn't figure in the photographs that I took in the end it might be helpful to know what you can get to start you off.

So lets jump in:

As I said in the video, I'm not really set up for this sort of photography and I probably don't reccomend going as extreme as I did for what basically amounts to a first outing. That being said there are a few crucial things that I do have.

The first and most crucial (assuming you have a camera) is the tripod. I have a big heavy tripod that is a very light studio tripod which amounts to a very heavy travel tripod, but it works.

The next thing that I think cannot be done without is a cable release, these can be dirt cheap the one that I bought (This one) was about £6 and it makes shots like this possible...

Taken on the Sony a7r with Sigma 24-70

Taken on the Sony a7r with Sigma 24-70

This shot was taken at 2 am just by the light of the moon, and it would not be sharp at all if it wasn't for the combination of tripod and remote release. 

You may also have noticed that some shots are not ground based, that would be down to this little fellow...

DJI Mavic Pro with ND8

DJI Mavic Pro with ND8

Something else that I have been testing out is an affordable (née cheep) camera backpack. Its not really a hiking bag but for the longest time my cameras lived in one of those over the shoulder lowepro guys that looks like carry on luggage, great for weddings and locations shoots but not for carrying gear when you don't have a form of transport that isn't person powered. 

Before this guy I've not owned a camera backpack style bag because I didn't need it. I was looking at some Think Tank stuff and wondering how much change I would get from £300 when I saw this amazon basics fellow, in orange, which I love. 

Its been great, I should do a full review on it because I feel like it is the kind of price range that a lot of people are looking for, especially as it is well made and feature full. It's this one.

One other thing that I would highly reccomend is a battery pack. I was using a very small Anker one because mine broke so I borrowed my girlfriend's ( I have since purchased this one ) This is great for piece of mind with the phone and with the Sony cameras because their batteries are piss poor, even though I have five they still run out.

I had a Cokin filter kit and a L bracket for the a7r to speed up switching landscape to portrait. Its a small purchase that will change your shooting experience.

So I might as well show you some photographs. Remember I don't do this stuff and the weather wasn't on my side...



Just for good measure, the cameras I use:

Sony A6300

This is how I manage to shoot 4k video without breaking the bank. I pair this with a small rig cage and handle which I love. 

Camera - http://amzn.to/2tLkUJw

Cage - http://amzn.to/2tNikCy

Handle - http://amzn.to/2vhXCbU

Sony A7R

This one is only for the stills

- http://amzn.to/2uUd8eH

The link is to the newer one, the mark 2, but if you are on a budget I would have a look at getting the mark 1 second hand because it is a great stills camera.

The links are amazon affiliate links, if you buy through them I will get a tiny cut but it doesn't cost you anything extra. Its basically a free way to support this stuff.


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