Manifest Arts Festival - Open Studio


As part of Manifest Arts Festival me and Kochi Kochi opened up our studio. To keep things interesting I decided to drag out some of the old photographic paper that I picked up a while ago. It's expired and so the quality of it isn't great for printing on. What it does do is make for a great, cheap way to shoot with my 4x5 camera. 

Shooting with this non-standard process is probably not a good way to get into 4x5 because it doesn't have some of the benefits, but as a bit of an exercise in composition it can be fun.

So I set up a small backdrop in the studio and asked people who came in to pose for a photograph. I offered a dark and stormy to everyone in return. 

I also shot some 4x5 film so if I shot your photograph and it isn't here then it will have been done on film, which should be much better fidelity. 

Open Studio 2.jpg

John Lynch

Manifest Arts Festival Director

Open Studio 4.jpg

If this is you let me know.


Open Studio 3.jpg

Marie Jones

Kochi Kochi

Open Studio 5.jpg

Katie Jones

Katiebetty & Tacit Vintage



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