Fancier DIY Backdrops

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I went back and watched my favourite internet video ever while I was in the middle of making this one. Tom Sachs 'A Love Letter to Plywood' - so I have channeled my inner Sachs/Neistat, that would be Van not Casey. 

The idea was to make two of my favourite styles of backdrop/tabletops for shooting food on. 

One of them is fashioned on the style of background used by portrait photographers like Dan Winters but is equally at home supporting food.

The second is a texture similar to concrete, which I love. I decided to try out a white and a grey one of these.

Backgrounds 1 & 2

For these 'filler' backdrops all you really need is:

  • Filler or spackling paste or Polyfilla.
  • Ply, MDF or hardboard of some sort
  • Scraper/ spatula to spread
  • Paint

Background 3

This one potentially needs a little more.

  • Canvas drop cloth
  • White emulsion
  • Coloured paints such as acrylic
  • Brush, sponge and roller
  • Tape or nails
  • Tarp or plastic sheet
  • Sewing machine (optional)

You don't actually need to sew the edges as the paint actually holds the fibres together, I just thought it looked neater.

Here are some of the pictures I have shot on these backdrops

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