Spots of Light

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The weather in Manchester this morning was crisp, cold and mercifully dry. The sun was cutting across the city in a way that it only can at this time of year (and the inverse time too I guess). The shadows are long and pervasive, they seem to reach into places that they shouldn't and it makes for a wonderful subject. You just have to know how to capture it.


I realise that although we all (almost) have a perfectly good camera in our pockets at all times the inclination is to mis use it, to grab a snap that will be meaninglessly squirrelled away by your phone into the depths of its memory or evaporated upwards to a cloud of some unimaginable description.


With a little knowledge and an observant eye, one can create something wonderful to share especially on a day as independently beautiful as today. 


The trick with the iPhone (and most likely every other phone camera) is to take some of the work into your own hands. When you tap on the screen of the camera app it will focus but it will also look at that same spot for the exposure, that is to say it will use that area to judge how dark or light the image should be. You have now taken some of its autonomy from it, how about going slightly further. 


The camera app will still try to help you though, it thinks it knows what you want, you don't want those dark bits to go away completely. The things is you do want those areas to go completely dark, so now you need to slide your finger down the screen and this will compensate the exposure, it will darken down the image at your behest. 

That is the variety of imagery today calls for.

Sean McCrossanComment